Amazing Features

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The best thing about using BulkdataPro is that it offers total control of your business. You can analyze, optimize and evaluate your business processes through a singular and central hub. Regardless of your assets’ type, size, and complexity, our software allows you to get real-time data that will help you make impactful decisions. We offer high-quality and intuitive dashboards that can be customized to suit your business needs. Notifications and predefined alerts allow you to stay on top of all challenges associated with your business.
Regardless of the type, size, complexity and geographical spread of your assets, BulkDataPro© will give you total control by delivering all key performance and management information to your desktop anywhere in the world, any time of the day. Predefined alert and notification screens combined with movement-dashboards and interfaces with asset tracking systems ensures that the BulkDataPro© Management System stays in front of your company’s asset management needs.

Robust Dashboards

Take control of your business by getting real-time information on our intuitive dashboards.

Repairs and Maintenance

Service Scheduling, Detailed Service History, Authorizations, Work Allocations, Approvals. CPK, Repair Exceptions Reports etc

Fuel & Toll Management

Easy integration fuel card, Manual Capture options available. Fuel CPK, Consumption, Overfill, Top N reports

Purchase Orders & Jobcards

Purchases orders, work flow, Payments .

Inventory & Workshop Manager

Jobcards, Quotations, PO, Invoicing, GRV, forecasting, Multi-warehouse support

OEM Pricing Catalogues and Service Packages

Manage undercharge and overcharge by Suppliers

Integration & API

Integrate with Any GPS Tracking Companies, Accounting Systems, Smart Fuel Systems

Fines & Licenses

Comply with legislature to avoid penalities. Arto compatible, fine redirection, court order reminders, camera integration

Leasing & Procurement

Quotes, Rate Tables, Auto Billing, FML Leasing Models, Procurement Models, Costing Modules


General Ledger, Creditors, Debtors, Accounts Receivable and Payable, Financial Statements

HR & Payroll

Our software makes every aspect of HR and payroll easy for your business.


Sales Orders, Invoices, Receipts

Incident Manager

Roadside Assist, Call Booking, Tracking of orders, WIP, Workflow, Mobile friendly

Mobile Support

Take your business on the go and control it wherever and whenever you like!

Comprehensive Document Manager

BulkdataPro offers you to upload and store documents in all formats.