ERP Fleet Management Software

Fleet Management and Maintenance Software caters for the management of all assets. These assets include any vehicle fleet, buildings, offices, furniture, office equipment, accessories and construction and agricultural equipment. It even caters for the most important asset of any organization, the employees.


Fleet Maintenance Software

Best Cloud Based Fleet Management and Maintenance Software . Our CMMS eliminate the disadvantages of bespoke software; namely risk, cost and support problems, leaving only the advantages; flexibility and simplicity


Consulting Services

Project Management,Business Analysis,Software Development,Quality Assurance,Business Intelligence,Data Governance,Data Modelling & Design,Data Visualization,Reporting & Analytics

Customize your workflow.

Manage any process and be ready to address any challenge with total ease.

Easy on-boarding, fast adoption.

With BulkdataPro getting your assets on board is as simple as sending an email.

Integrate all fleet/equipment Activities.

Analyze Fleet by region,cost center discounts and more and put a plan in place to improve subscriber retention.

Data Analytics and Reporting .

Customization reporting framework,Decision Reporting- from descriptive analytics to predictive analytics and machine learning.