3 Ways to Improve Safety with Better Fleet Management

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Running a fleet business means prioritizing two things: optimizing workflow for better revenue and ensuring your fleet’s safety.

According to the CDC, there have been around 29,000 motor-vehicle-related fatalities in the US from the year 2003 to 2018. Without proper fleet management, your fleet and drivers are also vulnerable to potential hazards and accidents.

Fortunately for you, the advancements in fleet management technology have made it much easier to simplify processes and ensure safety for both your fleet and drivers.

Here are three ways to maximize safety for your assets with better fleet management.

1. Preventive Maintenance

When you’re running a transportation business, there is so much going on that scheduling proper, and thorough vehicle maintenance routines can become very difficult. But without proper maintenance, your fleet is at the risk of breakdowns which can slow down your business.

This can be easily overcome with Fleet Management Software and prescheduling preventive maintenance.

With pre-planned preventive maintenance, you can ensure that your fleet is in top-notch condition. Check if the manufacturer-recommended maintenance is taking place regularly, and you can take your time to top off fluids, and check signal lights, tire pressure, and brakes.

2. Equipping Your Fleet with Safety Gear

You need to be prepared in advance for any breakdowns and accidents. Make sure your fleet is well-equipped with safety equipment like first-aid kits, flashlights, water, blankets, etc.

Tracking down a vehicle in remote areas after an accident can take time. You can save a life by giving your drivers proper equipment and maintaining the vehicle regularly. Make sure to regularly check if the products in the first-aid kit are expired, including basic cleaning and sanitizing products, to make sure your drivers are safe and protected from any viruses and bacteria.

3. Fleet Monitoring

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Leveraging digital tools to monitor and track your vehicles will ensure fleet safety and improve their productivity. You can easily do this by investing in robust fleet management software and accessing real-time data to check vehicle status and location.

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